Koh Samui, Thailand (second batch)

We are now on Koh Samui and have been here for a couple days. Samui is an island on the west side of southern Thailand and is absolutely stunning. Although it is a bit touristy on the upper west side in ways that I have not seen anywhere else in the world, it remains relatively calm and non-developed elsewhere on the island. Rie and I went to get Thai massages yesterday, which was a massage experience unlike anything I have ever had. It was only $10 for an hour of very good massage. We were in heaven. Drove around the island on a scooter yesterday and visited some beaches. Got abolutely torched by the sun. We hiked out about a mile across the low tide flats and by the time we got out there we were as red as a lobsters, well I was anyway, Rie was smart enough to wear sunscrean. This put us into survival mode and we headed back to the shade of the shore as quickly as possible. Great place though and I highly recommend visiting if any of you get the chance. I am already dreaming of returning soon, would love to visit Koh Toa, which is supposed to be even less developed.