The Next Step

As a cyclist I spent countless months & years training and working my butt off without knowing what the actual outcome of my efforts would be. I simply did it because I loved it, which is perhaps the best reason to do anything in this life. As it happened, the days in the freezing rain and the months of living like a monk paid off ten fold as far as personal gratification and learning would have it. I went on to accomplish cycling goals that I could hardly dream of in advance, and was able to travel the world and meet some amazing people along the way. These experiences enriched my life beyond words and has made me who I am today. Well, school was remarkably similar, minus many of the big emotional payoffs. I was completely absorbed with school for the five years or so, without knowing where my efforts would lead me. In December 2005 I interviewed with PriceWaterhouse Coopers for an audit internship and it went better than I predicted. The hard work was beginning to pay off, and as fate would have it, the hard work that I put into cycling played an important role in receiving an offer from PWC. I interviewed three times and the final interview was the most critical. I was more nervous than with the first two interviews because the last interview was with one of the partners of the firm. The interview went surprisingly well and I completed an internship that lasted almost 3 months.

The internship was amazing and I learned a lot in just three months. However, although auditing has its upside, I didn't feel as though it was right for me. I finished my masters and began the search for gainful employment. I didn't have to look far before I found the perfect fit in terms of environment, learning potential and respected industry professionals to work along side. I ended up taking a position working as an International Tax Analyst (specifically international tax compliance) and have been challenged, rewarded and never bored since I began. Compared with cycling I have to say it isn't as exciting, nor is the scenery as beautiful as the rolling hills of Southern France but, intellectually it's far more stimulating and challenging, which is something I always felt cycling lacked. Also, as a tax analyst, I don't have to grovel in the freezing rain with dirt in my teeth, as cyclists in Europe often do. For those who are curious, yes, I still race on the weekends and ride my bike back and forth to work everyday, which provides enough groveling for my tastes these days.

The areas of international Tax that I have focused on include:

  • FAS 109 provision review and assisted foreign controllers in the preparation/determination of USGAAP to Local Statutory and Local Statutory to tax return differences & adjustments.
  • US International Tax Compliance including E&P, Subpart F, and preparation of forms 5471, 8858, 1042, 8621, 8865 and 8802.
  • Proficient in International Tax Compliance software (Insource/Onesource); Software specialist within International group.
  • Trained new hires in Tax Compliance software, processes and workpapers.
  • Instrumental in bringing all of Sun’s International Tax Compliance work “in-house” by improving processes and workpapers.
  • Liaison with foreign subsidiary finance staff.
  • Foreign withholding tax documentation and determination of IRC § 901 foreign tax
  • Extensive work with Insource/Onesource, Checkpoint/BNA Research, Oracle/IBIS 11i and Excel.
  • Assisted auditors.